Nightstand With Storage Wood Plans, Step by Step Instructions


Maximize the space in your bedroom with this nightstand and matching bed! Our plans make it easy to build. Quick and easy download.


Nightstand With Storage Wood Plans


Building this companion nightstand is a lot like working on the bed. Cut the drawer openings in the maple-veneered front panels the plunge-cut technique. Build drawer boxes, drawer pulls and corner posts to match. The plans show how the drawer openings on the front panel align with plywood plates. These plates are fastened with #6 x 1 1/4" screws to vertical pine strips fastened to the inside face of the dresser sides. With the 18 1/2"-wide drawer openings here, the plywood plates are located 1 3/4" from the outer edges of the front and back panels. The drawer slides will be mounted to the plates.

I added a small backboard to the dresser top, to mimic the look of the headboard. The backboard sits higher than the top of the nightstand. Add the backboard cap and undercap, now using screws.

Cut the nightstand top from veneered plywood, then mill solid-maple edging. Prepare a 1/2" x 3/4" rabbet in the maple to cradle the ply, and soften the exposed corners with a 1/4"-diameter roundover bit. Next, cut miters on the ends and install the top edging with glue and clamps. If you are building matching nightstands, orient the grain in the same direction for both tops, and notch the back corners of the tops to fit around the corner posts. As with the bed, use pine anchor strips around the top of the base assembly to provide a place to secure the top with screws driven from below.

Install the drawers on their slides, then give everything a final adjustment. You now have what it takes to make the most of even the smallest bedroom space.

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