The Gazebo Hot Tub - The Ultimate In Backyard Privacy

Looking to escape the garish lights, cell phone clutter, noise, and aching muscles? The cool and contemporary lifestyle solution is emerging in the new crop of hot tub gazebos inspirations. Free-standing...attached to your home...finished to match your home or finished to stand-out as an unique architectural expression on your property, a designer gazebo for hot tubs creates an immediate-access stay-at-home vacation get-away.

Shapes For Gazebo Spa - Classic To Irregular. Use your imagination when finally selecting hot tub gazebo plans for your home and property. Square or rectangular pavilion style gazebo spas carry a modest 2,000 to 3,000 year history since the first Grecian examples were these classic geometric shapes express a solid recognizable form that easily complements most house designs and exterior placements.

Meanwhile, round and octagon shaped gazebo hot tub designs offer a slightly unexpected geometry that you should consider.

Recommendation: your hot tub gazebo has a primary purpose, to give some overhead protection during colder inclement weather. Drying off afterwards? You'll get more space to dry-and-change with hard-edged square and rectangular garden gazebo shapes than with round.

Power Up Your Gazebo For Hot Tubs - Lights, Drinks, Music. You're specialty-wiring your hot tub, with dedicated lines and 15-amp circuit breakers so you might as well run additional lines for floor or recessed overhead lights. Also, consider an outlet for a small beverage fridge, or a table top coffee maker. And, don't forget'll want the option of listening to your favorite CDs while immersed in your body-enhancing spa gazebo.

Hot Tub Gazebo Plans - Step #1 Measurements. Walk your property. Assess your future enclosure hot tub from the vantage point of access and convenience, costs, access to utilities, and optimum size versus normal occupants levels, namely whether 1, 2 or more people will be the "average use" figure. Turn time's hourglass over a number of times, letting each location "sink-in" in terms of advantages or negatives until you've gotten to a decision point. Remember that your hot tub gazebo will need a treated gravel or like solid and level foundation, for drainage and for support to the structural timber frame.

Stylish Affordable Gazebo Kits. Unless your needs are quite unique, you might have the ideal circumstances to consider pre-cut standard gazebo kits...ship, receive and easy install. In many standard production line gazebo kits, you'll get slightly more assembly components, additional structural supports such as more joists and framing materials. Pressure treated timber creates a structurally safe long-life sub-floor frame, onto which 5/4 or thicker flooring material can be laid, to easily support your hot tub. Railings can be in laminate lumber, vinyl coated stock or solid cedar posts.

Aesthetics - Materials And Finish For Your Patio Gazebo Hot Tub. Garden gazebo designs are limitless, in terms of possible designed finishes. Weather-resistant exposed cedar beams...shingled roof or even a Vermont-alpine style metal roof...or external siding to match your home's external surface treatment.

Un-Bugs And Selfish Enjoyment Made Simple. God may have made over 12 million beetles to please Darwin, and not too few species of blood seeking mosquitoes, ticks and other winged "nasties". However, you don't need to offer an all-night blood transfusion when you're in your gazebo hot tub! "Just say no!" and look into the wide range of gazebo mosquito net possibilities...easy to install, roll-down for in-season use or even permanent netting installed as semi-permanent yet detachable screens once the bugs die off and cooler weather moves in.