5 Things to Consider When Looking At Gazebo Plans

If you look at a garden and see a well built Gazebo, then it can be a wonderful addition. But there are several considerations (both good and bad) that you should bear in mind when considering installing a gazebo in your garden yourself.

1) The first is that by building it yourself you are likely to save a ton of money. Buying a ready built gazebo is an extremely expensive undertaking, and it is very likely that you will be shocked at quite how much they cost. So one of the principle benefits of doing it yourself are the cost savings that you can potentially make.

2) The second consideration is that you will have much more input into the actual design of the gazebo. If you buy a good set of gazebo plans (which are generally surprisingly cheap, even for a good set, with our full site access plan), then often times you will have the luxury of having the free choice of many different designs. In practice this means that you can pick and choose features from between them, and end up with a gazebo in your garden that is truly unique, and which no-one else has.

3) Potentially on the downside you will have to construct it yourself. But this is also much easier then you might think. The pieces can be pre-cut to the correct size, so you are not having to guess. It is all nicely structured and laid out for you.

4) Choose a plan that uses concrete for mounting and post anchors for securing your structure. If you are located in a freeze zone, the footings need to be at least six inches below the frost line. A good plan will have different weather zones outlined that will explain this. It will further offer the importance of leveling and plumbing the exact measurements of the posts in order for the structure to fit together evenly.

5) The roof is the most telling part of the gazebo if the leveling has not been done properly in construction. If all parts are not properly measured and balanced, it will show in the roof section. Shingles will look odd and this is something you definitely want to avoid. Make sure that the plans that you are looking at explains in detail the importance of creating an evenly spaced and level foundation in order to have a well designed roof. In practice it is these small side notes in the plans that help you to understand the minutiae of how it is constructed, that makes the difference between an average job, and a gazebo worthy of a feature in a magazine.

Your new gazebo can be the attraction of your neighborhood but only if you purchase a quality set of gazebo plans that show a knowledge of the ins and outs of proper gazebo building. A gazebo is different than a shed in that every detail shows its professional or shoddy workmanship. Make sure you are dealing with a company that is detailed and offers good advice and suggestions with their gazebo plans.