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Here are some other sites you might find of interest. Please note, we have no control over the contents of any of these 3rd party sites. We are simply listing them as a service to you to find like minded material that may be of interest to you. If you would like to link to us, and your content is relevant to ours, please place a link on a page of your site that is linked to from your main page, using the anchor text "shed plans" directing to Then email us pointing us to this link and we'll check it out. If we like your site, we'll link back and let you know. Please note, you must go ahead and place your link first before contacting us, otherwise we usually do not respond to random link requests. Here are some sites we have found that a relevant to our them of do-it-yourself projects. - Mike's Tools - Woodworking Tools, Metalworking Tools, Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Used Tools.

- The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.

Upholstery Projects - Choose from a variety of fabric patterns for your upholstery projects at

My Repair Log - A New Way to Track your Maintenance Activities and Inventory.

Woodworking Talk  - The Woodworkers Forum, helpful tips and tricks and discussions on everything woodworking.

Sawmill Creek
- An online forum discussing all things woodworking.

Tattoo Type Forum
- Great forum on all things tattoo's. Open friendly discussion on getting a tattoo.

Old Woodworking Machines
- A great reference source!