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Hello and welcome to my store!

frank the woodworker My name is Frank McGill, but you can call me Franky.

I'd like to use this space to tell you a little about myself. My history is that I am an avid hobbyist and woodworker in my spare time, and a professional shed and gazebo builder by trade. I also started writing woodworking plans several years ago. Over the years I had stockpiled a collection of old woodworking plans and old woodworking books for my own personal and business use. Then one day, I decided to launch a professional plan writing business, where I wrote custom and stock plans. I launched my business online in 2005. Slowly, over the years I found good success and good response to my plans, and the business slowly started to take off.

Today, the mission of SuperShedPlans.com is to be the best shed, gazebo, and wood plan supplier on the internet. I aim to accomplish this by providing the best collection of unique plans that I wrote, as well as providing excellent customer service in a simple easy to use website.

I cover a wide range of interesting and unique plans, that anyone can build with some basic skills and tools.  My products are intended to educate the beginner shed builder, and novice woodworker by providing a diverse set of shed and wood plans. My goal is to accomplish that in every sale.

You may think I look familiar.  That's because you've probably seen me before.  Over the past few years, this site has been featured on many home repair cable tv shows!  I have been on home shopping channels selling memberships to my site and have appeared as a spokesman for various home improvement products.

I still believe in the same principles today as I did on my first day in business back in 2005. Take care of the customer, and the customer will take care of you. I strive in being more than just an anonymous website. This is still just a family owned and run business and I am never more than an email away. I aim for 100% customer satisfaction. I always encourage my customers to contact me if they have a question or concerns.

I thank you for visiting my little site, and I hope you consider doing business with me. I am always here to service you the best way I can. Thank you, and God Bless.

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2870 Ashwood Road
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